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4 Years The Sunday Bunch with Thomas Melchior.

As our 4th anniversary is approaching, we couldn’t wait to share with you the big news. On 17th March we are going to celebrate together with the legend that is Thomas Melchior.

Melchior started making his name around the dawn of the '90s, when some of his early work as Ohm helped seed the ground for trip-hop. After that came work under the names Vulva and Yoni for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label. Later he became one of the pillars of minimal house as his music under the Melchior Productions moniker found home on cult labels Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r and Cadenza. An ex-resident at DC10’s Circoloco, member of Narod Niki and with frequent appearances on the Get Perlonized line-ups, Melchior’s work includes collaborations with stronghold names Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Bruno Pronsato and Luciano. With such rich biography, he remains one of the underground’s true visionaries.

Thomas Melchior will be joined by our well-known favourites and good friends Alexandar Kyosev and Svet.

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