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A massive line-up for The Sunday Bunch 5th anniversary

March is known for two essential events - the beginning of spring and The Sunday Bunch birthday celebration. We'll be focusing on the latter, as this year is more than special - we mark half a decade of existence. In the last 5 years The Sunday Bunch grew from a local video podcast project to one of the most notorious parties on the local scene. Having said that, we are immensely excited to announce our birthday line-up.

In the past few years Francesco Del Garda has become a most wanted name for clubs and festivals which value off-kilter house, techno and electro. A proud owner of a ridiculously extensive record collection, he has an endless supply of impossible to identify mind-bending cuts which shake the world's best dancefloors every weekend. Add Francesco's happy face and impeccable mixing technique to the bill, and we have the best birthday guest you could ever imagine.

If you are a regular at Sofia’s on point parties and haven’t stumbled upon Garo’s grin, you are probably doing something wrong. Denislav Velev’s positive and charismatic persona is known for curating Studio EW’s programme and providing thrilling DJ performances while splitting his time between Berlin and Bulgaria. We’re more than happy to welcome Garo for his Sunday Bunch debut.

The final name on the line-up is no surprise. Our resident and driving force Georgi is the main person responsible for the development of The Sunday Bunch in these 5 years. As he is usually giving a chance for young talents and fellow Bulgarian DJs to provide local support, we are very much looking forward to his special birthday set.

Last, but not least - we will be celebrating on the Women’s day this year, so all the girls will receive free entry as a gift from our team.

See you on the 8th of March at Koncept.

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