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Eight Years Shaking up the Norm

It’s time to raise our glasses and let loose, as the crew that revolutionised Sundays is celebrating its 8th birthday. It's been eight years since The Sunday Bunch first dared to break the convention, and party on a Sunday.

Whoever said that Sundays are meant for rest and relaxation clearly hasn't experienced the magic of partying on the seventh day. There's just something about the combination of underground sounds, offbeat crowd, and neon-lit ambiance that makes it the perfect antidote to the weekend's weariness.

To mark the occasion, The Sunday Bunch are preparing us for their best production to date. They are teaming up with EXE Club - a match made in heaven that was long overdue. It's been a long time coming, but the stars have finally aligned, bringing together two of the most vibrant and creative forces in the city's party scene. Hands and minds are set out on delivering the best, most comfortable environment for your raverly revelry.  Some special surprises are also in store, and you’ll have to join us to find them out.

As per usual, the lineup is stacked - straight from Berlin, Gene on Earth joins local favorites Alexander Kyosev, Deyan Dimitrov, and Factuaw.

Gene Arthur, performing under his Gene on Earth alias, is an American DJ/producer and owner of the Limousine Dream label. Over the last couple of years, his influence has been instrumental in the revival of the 90s-influenced house and electro scene. His style is infused with a sense of dream-like, high-energy, funk extasy, and his technical ability is hard to match. This has set Gene on Earth apart and made him one of the most sought-after artists in the industry.

Alexander Kyosev is one of Sofia’s best-kept secrets. A talented DJ/producer, with a keen ear for intricate detail, and a master of the arts of blending and playing with energy. Kyosev is known for his easy-going attitude and that is further amplified whenever he gets behind the decks. It’s as if he becomes as light as a feather, moving with grace and delivering a mesmerizing aural journey.

Deyan Dimitrov is a selector with a knack for high-adrenaline cuts and an enviable record collection. A true music lover, he draws inspiration from the rare corners of electronic music, delivering dynamic sets that keep crowds’ bodies in constant motion.

Rising star Factuaw has had a stellar 2022. With gigs taking him as far away as Israel, he has put a smile on the faces of ravers far and wide. He moves between trippy, high-energy, and uplifting sounds, with seamless extended blends, showcasing a wide range of styles, with punchy rhythms and the occasional acidic tinge.

So, forget about the impending work week and join "The Sunday Bunch" as we lead you down the rabbit hole where the only rule is being your true, uninhibited self. Let's raise a toast to another year of defying social norms and living life on the fringes of normality. Who needs the mundane, when you can party like it's Sunday?

Dzhem Deyanov




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