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Festival in the Nature Keeps it Clean.

If you’ve had a previous Festival In The Nature experience, you are most definitely familiar with the magical vibe surrounding this event. There is a special feeling of space-time retreat while diving in the realm of the electronic soundscapes. This combination perfectly connects the dots between nature and music – the essence of our festival. That’s why the promoters have a very important statement to make.

One of the biggest challenges of every major festival is leaving a clean landscape after days of musical and hedonistic pleasures. The forest around Maglizh has been hospitable to all the restless dancers in the last few years, so we think that we should return the favor.

The perfect harmony between us and the forest can be achieved through following a few simple rules:

Use the garbage bins – this seems obvious, right?

Use the ashtrays – your cigarette butts belong there.

Don’t use glitter – the sunshine and moonlight will do the work.

Leave single use plastic behind – at the festival and later in your daily life if possible.  

Those small efforts will contribute to the big challenge mankind is facing now. The forest is going to be our home during the festival, so let’s show our gratitude and respect. Keep it clean!

Our 4-day celebration of nature and free spirit will be soundtracked by a long line-up of local talents and guest DJs. The musical feast starts at the main stage on Thursday, going strong until Monday, while Where We At: are taking over the second stage for the weekend. We are pretty sure you are in for a treat. And while counting the days, make sure you are up to date with all the news and updates we want to share with you on our Facebook page @FestivalInTheNature.

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