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The Sunday Bunch with Lamache and Zendid.

Another summer comes to an end. And while we already miss dancing barefoot on sandy beaches for days, we can’t hide our enthusiasm about the beginning of the new season in Sofia. Our contribution to the September party schedule is taking place on the Independence Day, 22nd of September - а perfect occasion to embrace the freedom to express ourselves through quality electronic music and rave for long hours at our new home - Koncept Space.

Our special guests for this celebration are Lamache and DJ/production duo Zendid - all starting their journey from Toulouse, France.

Lamache gained popularity as a central figure in the London collective Toi Toi Musik before making the next step and moving to Berlin. He runs his own record label Discobar, while being an important part of the DJ community in the German capital.

Zendid started appearing on our radar a few years ago with a bunch of strong releases on respected labels such as Elephant Moon, the above-mentioned Discobar and Sofia-based Caph. The duo is now part of the Paris collective Yoyaku alongside Lamache and other stronghold names in the minimal house scene.

Local support comes from our dear friends Alexandar Kyosev and Mario Milev.

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